Our Tools & Ecosystem for building worlds

Our Key Expertise of the immersive tech include:


Long-term benefits of adopting Immersive Media

Enhancing Sales &Brand Awareness

Increased Engagement: People enjoy having fun and interactions. Emotional connection & reactions through immersive storytelling. Mobility & accessibility of content (i.e. digital & scalability)

Capability Development & Cost Saving

Content replayability & reusability through transmedia (e.g. apply across different mediums). Simulate virtually where real-world simulations are costly or not practical to run. Opens new capabilities & opportunities

Enhancing Training Opportunities

Ability to augment training outcomes through ontextualisation Increase knowledge retention, trains empathy, mental ‘muscle memory’ and visceral learning


Our Services

Game Development Services

Est: S$240-S$360

(Man-day Rate)

  • In-House Game Production
  • 2D/3D Art Outsourcing
  • Co-development, Conceptual, Production & Optimization
  • Micro-InteractiveProjects
Additional fees may apply for express delivery & other project complexities

Customised Enterprise Development Project

Est: S$20,000-S$60,000

(~2-4 month project)

  • Augmented & Virtual Reality Solution
  • Gamification & Interactive Solutions
  • Virtual Production
  • Micro-Interactive Projects
Budget may cary based on complexity of interactions, assets, hardware integration & deployment

Customised Master classes & Workshops

Est: S$2,000-S$8,000

(~20 pax per 3hr session)

  • Game Development Skills Masterclasses & Workshops
  • Production Mentoring & Game Jams
  • On-Job Training
Additional fees may apply for other add-ons (e.g.rental of space, hardware, software, etc)